Burgers & Chicken

Served with chips and pickles on a brioche roll.  Substitute fries for $1.75 or onion rings $2.75. Feel free to substitute the meat with options of, 1/2 lb black angus patty, grilled chicken breast, or turkey burger.
  • Angus Hamburger

    • 8.99

    1/2 Lb. Black Angus beef patty with lettuce, tomato, raw onion, and mayo.  Add american, provolone, swiss, or cheddar cheese for .75

  • Western Burger

    • 10.49

    Bacon and cheddar cheese topped with onion rings and BBQ sauce.

  • Bacon & Egg Burger

    • 10.49

    Choice of american, provolone, swiss, or cheddar.

  • Mushroom Swiss

    • 10.49

    Sauteed Mushrooms and melted swiss, or cheddar.

  • Black & Bleu Burger

    • 10.49

    Blackened seasoning, fried onions, and bleu cheese crumbles.

  • Grilled Chicken

    • 9.49

    Lettuce, tomato, raw onion, and mayo with choice of american, provolone, swiss, or cheddar.  Available blackened.

  • Santa Fe Chicken

    • 10.49

    Cheddar and mozzarella, bacon, ranch, lettuce, and tomato.

  • Chicken Chesapeake

    • 11.99

    Crab dip, bacon, old bay, and melted cheddar cheese.

  • The Serra Chicken

    • 10.49

    Spicy Honey sauce, old bay, bacon, shoestring onions, and melted swiss cheese.